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Delivery OTI Main – real reviews about the company

OTI Main is the market leader in its field. And the region is a market for express delivery of shipments in all possible ways.

In other words, OTI Main positions itself as a leading international carrier. Any type of transportation is used – road, sea, air and so on. This company is allegedly trustworthy because it has existed since 1991, is very popular, reputable, offers only the best conditions to customers, and so on. Of course, this is all complete nonsense. In fact, OTI Main is a completely fictional office that does not provide any services. She only exists to steal our money.

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Pros and cons of OTI Main

OTI Main – project overview

So, OTI Main is supposedly a recognized market leader in express delivery of items and offers a service at the level of modern world standards. It provides thousands of customers with a full range of transport and logistics services and delivers worldwide. Specifically, OTI Main is engaged in:

  • international express delivery
  • transportation of goods by air, road, sea and rail transport.

Before us is an international logistics company that provides comprehensive services in the field of international transportation of various goods on all continents. Over the years, the company has established itself as one of the leaders in the delivery of shipments to legal entities and individuals. She is trusted by the largest distance retailers. With all these obvious advantages, the prices in the company are more competitive than in any other standard courier service.

Delivery OTI Main - real reviews about the company - Seoseed.ru

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Contact information seems to be there, but you need to understand that it is as fictional as this company. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on communication, because it will not be. In addition, the address in Spain is also fake. It comes to the ridiculous – the company allegedly has a Spanish origin, but at the same time there is no other language on the site except Russian.

Customer reviews and complaints

Despite heartbreaking success stories since 1991, the OTI Main project is actually only a few weeks old. This scam just got launched. Accordingly, he does not have any reviews, because no one knows about the existence of such an office.

The site of this project is not just cheap, it is template. Previously, similar projects already existed, which were only called differently, and everything else was the same as now.

So they are scammers with experience.

There is no legal information here, and this is to be expected, because we are talking about a fictitious company.

Delivery OTI Main - real reviews about the company - Seoseed.ru

OTI Main – money scam

Of course, OTI Main are scammers. How is a divorce carried out? Everything is very simple – the project provides fake services for which it takes real money. You are trying to use the services of this carrier, as a result of which you begin to actively spend money here. They charge for everything that is possible and impossible.

As a result, you pay a significant amount, naively expecting that your order will be accepted and shipped. But nothing like that will happen. The divorce will end, and you will sit in confusion and stare at the monitor, not understanding what happened.

And there was a money scam. And all because OTI Main is a frank scam that can be easily exposed by yourself if you are not too lazy to check publicly available information. Do not contact under any circumstances.

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