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Company Markhar Kazakhstan – customer reviews about marqar.kz in Kazakhstan

Markhar is a Kazakh company that allegedly offers everyone a global platform for developing their own business.

In general, the use of loud and beautiful words is relevant for MARQAR. They are trying to prove to us that this is a unique company, that innovative methods are used here, and so on. But this is all nothing more than a screen. In reality, Markhar is a banal network project, where several language courses act as “innovative products”. Moreover, the fact of the existence of these courses is not even confirmed. And this gives reason to believe that the project has nothing to do with the network business, and it actually represents a financial pyramid.

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Pros and cons of MARQAR

MARQAR – project overview

MARQAR is a Kazakhstani company whose activity is to provide goods and services on its own platform with an innovative system of sales promotion, motivation for learning, self-development, professional skills improvement and moral and ethical qualities.

The company creates a favorable environment for business development, forms a consumer environment with high purchasing power under the program, in which the consumption of life’s goods is the basis for the material stability of the participant.

The main product is a kind of human development program. As mentioned above, these big words hide the banal sale of no less banal language courses.

Company Markhar Kazakhstan - customer reviews about marqar.kz in Kazakhstan - Seoseed.ru

But that’s not all – we are offered the so-called agent program, the essence of which is that we need to become an agent of the company (of course, this is paid) and distribute these very courses. For this promise buns in the affiliate program. In general, a typical pyramid.

[email protected]

+7 777 082 19 22

+7 778 326 15 25

Enough contact information. There are phones, e-mail, even an address. It is also known that Markhar is an officially registered company. She has documents, however, there is no permission to conduct educational activities.

Customer reviews and complaints

A small number of reviews about the activities of MARQAR are due to the fact that this is a relatively new project. He is just beginning to actively develop, and therefore his fame is not very big. However, negative reviews have already begun to appear. Moreover, they are very categorical, because they accuse this company of outright fraud.

Company Markhar Kazakhstan - customer reviews about marqar.kz in Kazakhstan - Seoseed.ru

There is no logic in MARQAR’s proposal. Understanding this, scammers are just trying to ride on the ears. They talk about all sorts of unique programs and products that will make you not only more educated, but also richer.

But it’s all fluff. Paying money to distribute dubious products of this company is still a pleasure.

Yes, this is exactly what network companies do, but there are real products, and here it’s not clear what, some courses that no one has seen.

MARQAR is a scam

There are all signs of a financial pyramid. Aggressive and generous marketing, promise of high returns, dubious products and services, active affiliate program.

Company Markhar Kazakhstan - customer reviews about marqar.kz in Kazakhstan - Seoseed.ru

In addition, the company itself is very dubious, even taking into account the fact that it has legal registration.

Therefore, contacting her is strongly discouraged. This is a scam, a financial pyramid, where you will lose your money and time.

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