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Can the spread in the dollar-ruble pair reach 100%?

The question is not rhetorical, as the current trends are slowly and surely leading us to this option.

1. The volume of imports has significantly decreased, almost all supply chains have been disrupted, while it makes no sense for individuals to buy dollars on the stock exchange due to the restrictions introduced.
2. But exports are going on, although I also think that their volume will decrease. However, the traders of that Gazprombank still need to sell the currency on the exchange, which they do from morning to 17 pm, after this time the sales stop, and the pair bounces a little. And this situation is beginning to take on the features of a long-term trend, which in the future may lead to a significant decline in the exchange rate.
3. Cash dollars are still available at the cash desks of banks, but they are already being sold with a spread of 20-25%. On the exchange, the dollar is 73 today, but you can buy at the bank at the rate of 85 and higher, and about speculators also.
4. There is a possibility that banks will soon stop selling currency altogether and start accumulating it, already now you have to run around to buy cash dollars. The paper dollar will soon become the rarest deficit, since cash is not imported into the country, respectively, its price will only grow.
5. Based on the foregoing, we get an expansion of the spread – the dollar exchange rate on the exchange will tend to 50, the cash dollar rate to 100

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