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Bot Norman – customer reviews about pmalone.ru

Norman (NORMAN) is a specially trained bot with which we can perform easy tasks and earn a lot of money.

It is absolutely clear that this is a scam for beginners who sincerely believe that you can earn a lot of money on the Internet without doing anything. Of course, this is complete nonsense. You can make money online, but for this you need to have certain knowledge in some area, as well as work hard. That is, just like in real life. And all these bots for making money, easy tasks and so on are a scam. NORMAN is also, accordingly, a scam. Here you can not earn anything, not a penny. The project was created only to extort your own money.

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Pros and cons of Bot Norman

NORMAN – bot overview

We see that the site is very cheap. In addition, it is focused purely on mobile devices, as scammers logically assume that naive beginners are looking for easy money mainly from phones or tablets. Therefore, they are not even spent on the computer version of the site, the mobile one will be enough.

It is reported that a specially trained NORMAN bot will select the best task for you. And for this you need to write to him right now. If in doubt, they immediately say that the bot has already paid 500,000 rubles, and regular performers are paid 15 percent more. So it’s a complete scam. All payments are now processed automatically to your payment details.

Here they carry complete nonsense. It seems that this bot is trying to expose a reasonable creature. In general, one more proof that they are guided purely by beginners who do not bother with such subtleties.

Bot Norman - customer reviews about pmalone.ru - Seoseed.ru

You can only write to a bot, that is, to a pre-prepared script. The scammers themselves will not communicate with you directly, because they are absolutely not interested.

Customer reviews and complaints

There are enough reviews on the network, but not so much on Norman, but on similar scams, of which there are many on the network. There are comments about this pseudo-bot. Of course, such reviews are purely negative. Well, still, because this is a banal and very easily exposed scam.

Bot Norman - customer reviews about pmalone.ru - Seoseed.ru

So, in order to earn a lot of money, it is not clear on what, we, first of all, need to write to the bot. We press the appropriate button, look at pre-prepared messages and proceed to complete tasks, which are divided into three levels of difficulty. You will be sent to other fraudulent sites so that you make supposedly test purchases there.

But these are mostly phishing projects where all the money will be stolen from your card.

Moreover, the task is the same everywhere, regardless of the choice of difficulty level. Therefore, you need to decide whether to fall for the mythical 900 rubles or lose all the money on a phishing site. The choice is obvious.

Norman – money scam

Divorce here can be different. Sometimes you are sent to phishing sites to steal money from the card, they can also scam you right here, drawing huge profits on a virtual account, and then demanding a lot of money for all sorts of incomprehensible payments – commissions, status upgrades, and so on.

Bot Norman - customer reviews about pmalone.ru - Seoseed.ru

It is important to remember that here you can not only pay anything, but also indicate your any payment details. Not only bank cards, but also electronic wallets. Do not send any payment information to scammers, especially codes and passwords.

Bot Norman is a low-quality, but very dangerous scam. Here you are guaranteed to earn nothing, but you can lose a lot.

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