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Blahtech Market Profile

this marketplace Profile defines a number of types of days that help a trader comprehend market behavior. The key characteristic is the
Value Area, which reflects the assortment of price action where 70% of the trade occurred. Understanding the range of
values will help traders understand the management of the market and establish a trade with a higher chance of success. It’s a great
addition to any system you might be using.

Blahtech Limited presents its Market Profile indicator to the MetaTrader community. inspired by the book of James Dalton’s “Mind over
Markets”, this indicator is designed to meet the needs of all traders trading on the profile. It provides
functionality that is usually only found on futures platforms, and also adds useful innovations such as focus
switching and history testing mode.

  • Setting up presets for schedules on higher timeframes
  • Automatically switch focus to the next active session
  • Selection of trading rules – Open, IB Extension and Rotation rules
  • Multi-session display
  • History test directly on the chart
  • Custom session Times
  • Custom intervals and timeframe period
  • Market and volume profiles
  • General market and volume profiles
  • Text profiles of time-price opportunities (TPO)
  • Customizable initial letter of time-price opportunities (TPO)
  • The range of values, the range of values of the volume
  • Initial balance, Point of control)
  • Hot keys for quick access
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Full parameter documentation – http://referer.us/?https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/700844


  • Configuration Preset – Select custom or predefined schedules. Hotkey “0”


  • Intervals- Number of period intervals to display
  • Interval Period
  • TPO Period
  • TPO size – Size of time-price opportunities
  • TPO Schedule 1-7 – Schedule of time-price opportunities
  • TPO Schedule Names
  • TPO Schedule Display-Displays one or more schedules. Hot key “/”
  • TPO Schedule Active Mode – The mode of active time-price opportunities, automatic/manual.
    Hotkey “.”
  • TPO Active Schedules – Comma-separated list of active sessions, for example 2,1,3

Profile Lines

  • Profile Lines – Select which lines will be displayed on the chart. Hotkey “L”
  • Profile Lines Color 1-7, styles, fonts – color, style, font of profile lines 1-7
  • Profile Lines Width Horizontal
  • Profile Lines Width Vertical
  • Profile Lines Titles
  • Profile Lines Extend Active Schedule

The total amount

  • Overall Volume – Displays a graphical profile. Hotkey “M”
  • Overall Volume Interval Period
  • Overall Volume TPO Period
  • Overall Volume TPO size
  • Overall Volume TPO Outline-Outline style (Single line). Hotkey “K”
  • Overall Volume TPO size
  • Overall Volume TPO Offset (Bars)
  • Overall Volume Max Width (Bars)

Overlay charts

  • Overlay Charts-Display a graphical profile. Hotkey ” N”
  • Overlay Charts Join Lines-Dividers between each time-price opportunity. Hotkey ” J”
  • Overlay Charts Colors x7 – overlay chart colors

The text of the profile

  • Profile Text – The profile text to display to the right and left of the chart. Hotkey ” V”
  • Profile Text Colors x6 – profile text colors
  • Profile Text Show Rows
  • Profile Text First Letter

Short text

  • Summary Text Font, Size, positions – font, size, position of the short text
  • Summary Text Composite Day Text – summary text of the summary day

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hot Keys-Display the hot keys dialog box. Hotkey “H”
  • Hot Keys Text Size, Positions – the size, the position of the text panel
  • Hot Key Map

Other duplication options:

  • Instance Id
  • Calculator Tpo Size Factor – Hotkey “T”
  • Calculator Value Area Percent
  • Calculator Value Area Detection – Equal Hi/Low Method
  • Calculator Recalculate Tolerance (Percent TPO Size) – Schedules, Overall
  • Configuration Presets – Overall Volume Intervals
  • Profile End Realtime Colour Early (mins)
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time (mins)
  • GMT Offset – Use Daylight Savings
  • GMT Offset

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