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Best Online Interior Design and Decorating Courses

The powerful development of Internet technologies allows citizens to receive education without leaving their homes. Now the network has a lot of useful and varied courses that enable people to get in-demand professions. Below we will analyze the best interior design courses.


TOP 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Skillbox.

The school offers two courses to those who wish.

The first of them is called “The Profession of an Interior Designer”. Students will learn how to transform the premises of apartments and houses, create 3D visualization drawings and spectacular renders.

Representatives of well-known design studios in the Russian Federation act as coaches. 6 programs are offered for work. The student can choose any of them. After graduation, there will be 4 projects in the portfolio, and employment is guaranteed.

Training is suitable for:

  • Citizens who are looking for interior design courses online from scratch. You will create a project from a mood board to working drawings, learn the process of working with customers, understand how to draw up a contract
  • Young interior designers. You will be able to master advanced tools to increase the cost of services and take complex orders
  • Architects. You will learn how to combine colors with texture in the interior, choose furniture and materials in the same style.
  • Citizens making repairs. You will learn how to create an apartment design project, find out where to buy finishing materials at a bargain price


TOP 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Skillbox.

The second course, “Profession designer-decorator”, will teach you the basics of interior design. You will receive information on how to harmoniously decorate rooms using textiles, decor and art. This will allow you to take on expensive design projects.

Training is suitable for:

  • Newcomers. You will start designing from scratch, collect a high-quality portfolio and be able to start working in your chosen profession
  • Young designers and decorators. On the course, you can learn how to create atmospheric spaces, master working with composition and color
  • Citizens making repairs. You will learn trends in interior design and will be able to translate bold ideas into reality.

In the first year, the duration of classes is 12 months, in the second – 9. After completing the classes, a Skillbox diploma is issued.


TOP 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Talentsy

The online school offers the course “Interior Designer” to those who wish. For 12 months of training, even a person with zero experience, but with an innate sense of style or talent, can become a professional designer.

What will you get?

  • Training from teachers of the highest class
  • Compact, deep, detailed, but not boring training program
  • Practical training from the first days of classes
  • Over 250 extra materials
  • The first money in the learning process. School partners send the best works to buyers of residential real estate
  • Exploring 6 Interior Design Programs
  • Internship in partner companies
  • Diploma of completion of design courses, confirming your qualifications


Top 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Netology.

Online interior design courses are also offered by the Netology platform. Theory – 114 hours, practice – 229. Webinars and video lectures are offered weekly.

Class structure:

  • Attend webinars or watch video lectures at a convenient time
  • Do homework and consolidate knowledge
  • Looking for feedback from mentors
  • Create projects, protect them and expand your portfolio to show to employers
  • Get a diploma
  • Find a job with the help of the Career Development Center of the School of Netology

Duration of training – 14 months, two lessons every week.


Top 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Contented.

The Interior Designer Profession course will teach you how to create thoughtful interiors in 10 months. Training begins with the creation of technical specifications and ends with the defense of the final project. New knowledge gained at webinars is practiced on real practical problems.

Curators – professionals who have completed a bunch of projects, will help you master different programs:

  • photoshop
  • ArchiCAD
  • 3ds Max
  • SketchUP etc.

After completing your studies, HR specialists, along with career managers, will help you find a job.


Top 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - GeekBrains.

At the GeekBrains Faculty of Interior Design, you will gain theoretical knowledge, master 3ds Max + Corona, ArchiCAD, create four projects for your portfolio and teach you how to work in a team with a customer.

Education formats to choose from:

  1. Group lessons
  2. Remote webinars
  3. Watch video lessons in the recording at a convenient time

During your studies, with the help of mentors, you will design the interior:

  • Separate zones
  • Studio apartments
  • Big apartment
  • residential building

The duration of the classes is 12 months, the number of lessons per week is within two to three. After training, employment is guaranteed.


TOP 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - ESHKO.

The course “Interior Design” will allow you to get:

  • Six educational journals. They give exercises and give numerous examples. Therefore, from the first lessons, you can learn the theory without problems and acquire practical skills.
  • 32 house. tasks. Completed lessons will be checked and evaluated by a personal mentor
  • Exam test. It will provide an opportunity to assess the knowledge of the student

In addition, ESHKO students can additionally study and communicate on the Campus (a social network for those who have studied or are studying at school) and get access to free electronic publications.

Duration of training – 16 months.


TOP 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Learning Environment.

This is an online school with different programs. Here you can get both higher and additional education.

In the course “Interior Design” students will learn:

  • Create drawings, sketches, visualizations
  • Work with lighting, floristry and textiles, with different design programs
  • Select materials (construction, finishing)
  • Create an interior concept
  • Supervise the work of the construction team


Top 9 Best Online Interior Design Courses - Pentaschool.

The Interior Design and Visualization course will give you the opportunity to master a sought-after profession from scratch. You will gain a wide range of knowledge, learn the necessary computer programs, create real projects and become a professional. The work will appear in the portfolio, you will be awarded a diploma of prof. retraining.

Training (theory 140 lessons, practice – 80) will suit:

  • Newcomers. You will gain the necessary knowledge, make real projects, start making money on interior design
  • Graduates of specialized universities. You can update your knowledge, master new programs, learn expert advice and replenish your portfolio with new works

Now you know where to study interior design.

It’s simple

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