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About free information

Here the owner of the resource mentioned Jobs.

Yes, I think he is a real genius.

Even one of his quotes: “When I didn’t have enough money, I sat down to think, and didn’t run to earn money. An idea is the most expensive commodity in the world” can change a lot in real life if you seriously think about it.

And it works for the stock market too. And yes, there are stocks in our fund right now that could do XXX in the coming years.

But will someone share such information with you for free?
Suppose a serious analysis was carried out, calculations were made, etc., time was spent.

And why share such an idea in the public space, for what? In order for Uncle Vasya to earn for free thanks to you, if your analysis turns out to be correct. Well, for this, you probably need to be the ultimate altruist.

The same goes for any financial information that can be earned – no one will share such things for free.

And if he suddenly shares, it means that there is some kind of financial interest of his own.

For example, many brokers publish free analytics only in order to attract clients, but do not use it in trading themselves.
However, some people really try to put brokers’ forecasts into practice, and if some other forecast is fulfilled, they even think that they have found a free grail))

In general, the eternal desire for a freebie drives our exchange and around the exchange.

Let’s take the same smart – the owner of the resource expects that someone will publish really high-quality content for free, but why, what is the interest in such a publication for the author?

Readers are also waiting for someone to publish useful information for free, and when they don’t find it, they start scribbling endless posts that the smart is no longer the same (p.).

In general, no one wants to invest, but everyone expects to earn money and everyone is waiting for freebies all the time. This is some kind of purely Russian psychology that information in the world of finance is worth nothing.

But still, it is Jobs who is right, and the first step to successfully investing in any business is understanding that there is no freebie, and the idea and information are really the most expensive commodity.
And if you are not ready to invest in time, effort, finances, etc. into the development of specific ideas, then as a result you won’t get a damn thing, no matter how much time you spend looking for a freebie. She just doesn’t exist.

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