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A little about real estate in NMSK

The Central Bank lowered the key rate yesterday, and according to forecasts, the rate will continue to decline, respectively, and bank mortgage rates will be reduced in the near future. Essno, provided that the situation stabilizes, people will again rush to buy real estate, and developers will gradually unfreeze projects.

“If you want to raise the economy from the ruins, start a big construction site” (p.) nepomnjuktosaid

But over the past few years, this rule has been successfully used, and apartments in Msk and NMsk continued to rise in price.Sm. schedule
And I don’t see any reason for this trend to change now, despite the current perception that banks will now be reluctant to approve mortgages.
Using my own example, I’ll say that I now have a pre-approved online mortgage in the amount of > 12 million in two banks. And in principle, this amount, taking into account the down payment of 20-30%, is just enough to buy a two-room apartment for investment purposes.
I will not use these offers (they have been hanging for a long time, rates are only changing). I prefer to invest in real estate personal savings, however, I know people who have a whole business was built in this way. They bought from the market, partially using a mortgage, new buildings without finishing, made European-quality repairs, imported furniture and sold already at 30-40-50% more expensive. And so on for the second round.
Someone will say that this is an unrealistic scheme. And it will not be relevant now, because according to some smartlab users, real estate prices in the same New Moscow are declining. As an example, a post by user dekab1, who monitors prices for an incomprehensible pikovsky kopeck piece in Novye Vatutinki – Real Estate using the example of PIK and states the fact of a decrease.
But this is not at all the object that needs to be monitored. In my opinion, this apartment is an investment illiquid asset. Why I wrote in the same place in the comment, I repeat here:

1. New Vatutinki is 30 minutes from the Moscow Ring Road

2. There is no infrastructure there, no civilization either – at home in the field – one store, two stalls, a school

3. Ceiling height 2.65 – fl. cell

4. Repair shit

5. Who is the developer there – f.z., I didn’t delve into it, but the photo is enough for me to say for this kopeck piece even 10 mio is expensive, a year and a half or two ago there the price was around 5, and a year ago for 10 mio in those on the other hand, Vatutinki could buy a kopeck piece with a good European-style renovation and a larger area (~ 70 m2).

And yes, this is not the kind of apartment at all, the price of which needs to be monitored – it is illiquid for “Tajiks”, well, the price will drop to 10 and maybe 9, and a normal kopeck piece in the same Rasskazovka, as it cost 12 mio, will be so cost.

And then I confess, I got excited. In connection with all our ups and downs, I somehow stopped tracking prices in the Rasskazovo residential complex since February, and they rose again there – a kopeck piece for 12.8 million 54 m2 was withdrawn from sales yesterday (bought) and this is the cheapest thing I seen at a glance. And this is unfinished. And this is the second floor. And with the issuance of keys in June 2022. I will say more, in the summer they bought a kopeck piece in front of my nose in the same Rasskazovka with a good European-style renovation and furniture for 10.5 million, but then it was cheaper than the market by ~ 15-18%. So the scheme is still working.
And the output is simple:
If you are investing, then invest wisely. And it’s not easy in housing, but in the fact that you or someone can become a home. Choose cool residential complexes with a well-developed infrastructure (clinic, schools, gardens, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.), a thoughtful park area with a unique landscape, a territory protected around the perimeter, good transport accessibility from reputable developers, such as for example, also “Rasskazovo” from Sezar Group

A little about real estate in NMSK

or the same “Scandinavia” from A101

A little about real estate in NMSK

A little about real estate in NMSK

This is just something that will continue to grow in price, for the simple reason that it is of high quality, beautiful and conceptual. I want to live in these places. And most importantly, it is now liquid. Above is an example that even in a frozen market, sales of such objects are going on. They look even better in real life than in the photo. And they cannot even be compared with the boxes in the same New Vatutinki

A little about real estate in NMSK
Well, this is some kind of shelter for Tajiks in an open field. It’s close to the immigration center. And by the way, more than half of the apartments are indeed rented out to migrants from the former Soviet republics.
True, realtors are much more modest: this sleeping area does not have a single concept. However, New Vatutinki is still some kind of housing, and not a completely screwed up project. The developer is “Stroykom”, which builds more or less normal panel-monolithic houses of the Standard class, because the project is supervised by Sobyanin himself.
This is still not Buninskiye Luga from Peak, where the mortgage is still 6.99%, because the height of the ceilings in some apartments is 2.45, tk. DHW transit pipes pass under the ceiling of the apartments, and then there is a false ceiling, as a result of which, almost automatically, in addition to the new apartment, buyers receive constant leaks and mold. And this is not built in the field of the Moskvichka residential complex from Granel, where when you get into the entrance, you immediately get into the Finnish sauna for free, as the houses are not designed correctly, and the elevators in them do not easily break down every other day, but really fall, in the fall in Moskvichka “The elevator fell down along with the resident of the house, who miraculously survived. But next to the Kommunarka metro station, however, apart from the metro, there is really only a field.

In general, I do not argue that an apartment is a product, but this product is chosen not only by price. Most often they choose, based on some inner impulse, they come, they look, and they understand that yes, they want to buy it, it will be comfortable to live here, it is possible to invest in this object. As in the stock market, liquidity is a priority here.

And therefore, in my humble opinion, real estate investment is the case where very often the miser pays twice.

The post was written in 15 minutes from indignation at the fact that so many of our investors do not dry up in the market, they have not learned how to invest competently, they are constantly trying to buy some kind of illiquid on the loys, and then they are surprised when they receive the second bottom as a gift.

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