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FX Guidance has been around for quite some time already, providing traders and other financial professionals with everything they need to know about the current FOREX playing field.

The site was first established as an information-sharing hub by Paul Waite. Born in 1973, Paul was trained to become a financial whiz at an early age. His parents being consultants for big Wall Street firms, he would later learn the basics of managing and investing money, the understanding of which he further developed while he was a student at the Harvard Business School.

After graduating from college, Paul would later forge his own name in the financial market, starting as a hedge fund manager and as a financial consultant to one of the industry’s biggest brands.

However, the highlight of his career came when he was invited to speak at a trade show. There, he realized the satisfaction of being able to share firsthand knowledge of the financial industry at large and impact the way people view complex financial institutions such as the FOREX market.

Paul would later set up FX Guidance as an extension of his desire to educate people on how best to navigate the uncertain waters of the trading field. When it comes right down to foreign exchange, it’s either you know too much about or you know a lot less. Obviously, you should be able to get a clear foresight of the market as a whole. Knowledge is everything in the realm of financing and only the savviest players are able to survive and take all the spoils.

In a way, education is part and parcel of your growth in the FOREX playing field, and Paul understands this perfectly. Everyone needs just the right information and the right amount of it in order to make things happen. It’s this advocacy that pushed Paul into building a website that’s right for people who want to start trading in the financial markets. Indeed, this is what FX Guidance was made for.